Our programmes

Cairngorm Snowboard Club offers a syllabus for all level of riders, from those who are just starting freestyle to coaching aimed at the very highest level. The club has fully qualified Snowboard coaches who work with our assistant coaches to design and manage a comprehensive coaching program. This syllabus has been developed by our highly experienced coaches through the fifteen years of the club program running. This “linear” syllabus gives riders the best platform to progress via awareness of tricks and having set goals to chase.  Our coaches utilise this system to provide a safe environment for learning as well as a means of tracking athlete progression which both parents and kids can share too.
The program will include bad weather ‘off snow’ fun days which will centre around rail riding at Glenmore Lodge and fun, fitness based activities like football, snowboard specific bounding and climbing. There will also be the chance to watch snowboard films together on the bad weather days and also to watch footage of the riders from previous training sessions. We aim to build a good social scene as well as a productive learning environment for the Club members.


Coaching ethos

The Club maintains strong ties to the GB Park & Pipe and follows its coaching ethos and pathway aiming to provide the right environment for learning at each level. Clear goal setting and good individual planning will help each rider to maximise their potential and reach their own goals, whether those are to have as much fun as possible, or to train for the British Championships. Key skills will be outlined at each level and the coaches will work with the riders to identify their own goals within the key tricks of the level before moving on to the next stage. Engaging with the learning process and making learning as fun as possible are at the core of the coaching ethos.

Rules for On the Hill.

1 Respect all other people using the slopes.

2 Everyone’s health and safety is EXTREMELY important.

3 Helmets are compulsory, no helmet no training.

4 Back protector advised, compulsory for using boxes, rails or jumps.

5 Listen to and do as your coach says, your life may depend on it, one day.

6 Do not misbehave or disrupt your group; don’t waste time others have paid to learn.

7 Do not leave your group, without telling the coach, even to go to the toilet.

8 If you have any accident, you must inform the coach, even if you feel OK.

9 No swearing; it is not clever and may be offensive to others nearby.

10 No bullying; be helpful, others may not be as good as you.

11 No drink, drugs or smoking, it may adversely affect your ability to snowboard.

12 Be sure you are warm enough, tell the coach if you feel cold or ill, spare gloves help.

13 Make sure you have enough to eat and drink during the day.

14 Have FUN

The Groups

SHREDDERS – Introduction to freestyle

Fun focused introduction to freestyle aiming to supply you with the tool kit you need to take it to the park, promotion of learning and safety is at its core.  Challenge is created via fun drills and activities in a supportive atmosphere promoting a good foundation of all round core riding skills so you can step into a freestyle environment with confidence.

Skill requirement: Turning, can link turns on a blue run and ride a T-bar. No or little freestyle experience.

Trick Goals: Solid all mountain riding, flatland tricks, airing jumps and hitting rails.

JIBBERS – Intermediate freestyle

Freestyle group focused on developing the base mechanics accessed in group 1, applying these skills to a more advanced freestyle environment. Challenge is presented through linking tricks together in linear progressions of difficulty.  Group atmosphere promoted via athlete collaboration and collective involvement in the progression system..

Skill requirement: All mountain riding & basic freestyle

Trick Goals: Carving, Switch Riding, Advanced flatland, spinning on jumps and spinning off rails.

RIPPERS – Advanced freestyle

Freestyle focused riding consolidating skills developed in level 1 & 2. Consistency and creative variation is key with coach focus on challenging athletes to assess and critique their own riding and that of their peers in the group.

Skill requirement: Aggressive riding. Solid base freestyle mechanics

Trick Goals: Switch Carving, flatland combinations, multiple spins in all directions, inverts, combination rails tricks.


Membership partnership

Cairngorm Snowboard Club and Cairngorm Ski Club have been working together on a freestyle training programme for two years. We are now co-operating to benefit kids who want to both ski and board.

We encourage kids, with a love of snowsport, to learn to both ski and board and we want to make it easier for them to do so. We have agreed that for the coming season that so long as a young person is a paid up member and enrolled in a training programmes with one club then they can enrol in a training programme with the other without having to pay a second membership.

Put simply if you want to ski on a Saturday and board on a Sunday you just need to join one club. We don’t care which, we just want to encourage as many kids as possible to develop their skiing and boarding.