To join you need to become a member – see the membership page for more details, then pre-register prior to the first session and have fees paid by the end of january for the ten week programme.  If bad weather prevents training we will run extra days to make the full ten day block. If training runs your are expected to train we do not offer extra training for missed days. Training fees this year are £225.00 for the 10 sessions. Training can be accessed on a daily basis for £35 per day.

We need to know how much snowboarding you have done, so that we can plan the sessions, we have broken it down into ability levels;

Level 1 - Turning, can link turns on a blue run and ride a T-bar. No or little freestyle experience.

Level 2 - All mountain riding & basic freestyle

Level 3 -Aggressive riding. Solid base freestyle mechanics


Please indicate on the form which level you fit into, it is better to be lower, (it is good when you move up).