Wo We Are

Cairngorm Snowboard Club.


Cairngorm Snowboard Clubs loves snowboarding and our mission is to get people on snow and having fun. The fun thing in Snowboarding is progressing and learning new tricks, whether thats a new turn or a spin and thats what our program is all about, learning new tricks.

Cairngorm Snowboard Club has been operating for 15 years facilitatingfreestyle snowsports in the highland area.  The club runs a 10 week winterprogram, skills focused camps  and summer sessions all of which are opento everyone looking to build their freestyle snowsport skills. The programtraditionally runs on Cairngorm Mountain and the club has been a majorcontributor to the freestyle community locally and nationally through thedevelopment of facilities in the ski area. The club is the focal point of freestylein the highlands and encourages participation and progression of freestylesnowsports by offering a performance pathway for its members


2001, Scottish Freeriders – almost a one man operation, struggled to survive because of lack of support and disorganisation. Some people were disillusioned by Scottish Freeriders, standard of care, coaching for different levels and the charges. A meeting of interested people and a Snowsport Scotland snowboard instruction/training course was held at Glenmore Lodge in the autumn of 2002 under the supervision of Bruce Crawford, Chief Executive of Snowsport Scotland.

The meeting aimed to establish a suitable arrangement over the future and organisation of snowboarding in the Strathspey area and in particular on Cairngorm Mountain. A suggestion by one of the children involved that both current snowboard groups be disbanded or amalgamated to form a new one.

The result was a proposal to form a new group and a meeting was arranged and held in The Cairngorm Hotel, Aviemore in December 2002. At this meeting with guidance from Bruce Crawford a committee was formed and a name decided for the new snowboard group, Cairngorm Snowboard Club.

Ruth Pettigrew, Snowsport Scotland Highland Development Officer was appointed secretary and helped the club to become established by contacting John Rainy-Brown at Voluntary Action in Badenoch and Strathspey to draw up a constitution and organising some set up funding from Badenoch and Strathspey Sports Council. Cairngorm Snowboard Club became affiliated to Snowsport Scotland, the national governing body for snowsports in Scotland. Les Andean was appointed treasurer and is the only active surviving member of the original committee although others still have a consultancy interest in the club.

“CSC aims for bigger and beter every year”

The first day of training of Cairngorm Snowboard Club took place on 12/01/03 at the Hayfield at Glenmore due to Cairngorm Mountain being closed with bad weather. The club has had a difficult history with a core few struggling to maintain a successful programme through the lean years of the cub infancy. However in most recent years and more support the club has become more stable and although small it has made great progress and is beginning to establish a name for itself in snowboarding throughout the UK. Through local and national competitions and The British Snowboard Championships members are doing well and the Cairngorm Snowboard Club has been noticed and is being watched by UK snowboard team selection scouts/coaches and commercial sponsors.